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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Ray gives every Nigerian opportunity to be civilized with knowledge; we create a system where you can walk in and work, talk to your customers, friends, and family through our network. We're looking for responsible communities to join us in creating a better world. By just hitting us to see how far we've come with this project and follow us.

We are here for you.Our clients Expectations include: Experience working with senior decision-makers. Strong communication/interpersonal skills. Advanced Senior Programmers.Join our team if you feel qualified.

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What we do ?

At I-Ray networking we serve as your one bridge gap where your daily technological challenges or I.T problems are turned into solutions. 


We handle all kinds of online audience like UI designs for iOS, Android, or Harmony OS. 


We sell softwares and Internet securities protection advice for commercial users. 


We give broad insight about using Data to generate solutions. 


We simplify information for Nigerians to understand the Global changes on what Freelancing business is and the Power of social Media.


i-Ray are a Member of Konga Affiliate Marketing team and many more on our Partner page. 


We develop New Market for Small businesses in Africa for Enquires about us contact us .


Call -Chat us:

Phone +2348-0881-16059

Whatsapp +370-641-81214.

Email us:

Head Office:

F-5, osapa London, Lekki Penninsula II, Lagos State 105-102.

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