I-ray networking knows the future is information technology, no argument about that, we as a community are ready to make our society competitive with the rest of the world by providing free web design service to Small Business .

  • We are here to connect Freelancers by building a work centre where people can walk in and work with their computers or devices—using our Network. We can help Installations of all kind of networks, we have strong Partners to help build Internet Networks.

  •  I-ray networking can be the key to business success because we manage information in business processes, We have finished a few projects which created solutions to some trusted firms listed on the Partners Page and our industrial project.

  • We are still comfortable to convey your business online free installation services from any of our workshops or tech hubs. We want to connect every business toward success and innovation. which we work with Wix and other partners to do it faster for you.

  • We Help companies curb all kinds of I.T barriers within our reach our reach we are experts in outsourcing, We are a solution hub. Feel free to ask us anything about Innovation.

                                                                  Few information you might need to know about us .


  • We are here to connect Freelancers by building a work centre where people can walk in and work with their computers or devices—using our Network.

  • We are comfortable to convey your business online free installation services . we want to connect every business toward success and innovation. 

  • We offer one time services like Software sales and Freelancer service to grow your Businesses..

  • I-ray networking offers Free Data service, we empower our communities like the free workshop to young adults, empower our community on innovative Events.

  • We are increasing charitable giving towards providing free internet connection by making it easier for donation anywhere you are around worldwide, 

  • We offer Free wix UI designs and Free services on all the tools our freelancing page.

  • We Advise business owners on the kind of innovation to adapt. The internet is the new biggest shopping centre. 

  • We build a long term relationship with clients thats why we earn by montly instalment payment plan that suits our customers.

  •  We build systems for online payments with all kinds of prepared cards online and gift cards, knowing the type of society we are from. 

i-Ray networking Affiliate Marketing Program is designed to creating opportunity for every individual or institution who is ready to work or build a small business.


We believe this program is an avenue to reach and influence consumers worldwide.


At every part of their purchase journey, both on and offline we pay you cause we put you between every sales that comes from your network.


We are starting with an offer for a chance to create a path on our innovative platforms.

You can work with any of the i-Ray Group firm:


Afrikos maistas,


i-Ray Networking,   

Kuluwe Dating agency,

i-Ray Auto za,

Trustshona Kitchen, 

SamLove Consultancy,


We offer Free general knowledge about how you can work with us using technology. So all you do is bring customers, charge your customers and let us handle the job for you.


Professionals or Experts can be Hired here to meet your preferred job specifications.

We work based on leverages.

To Affiliate with us use our contact form.

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UI Developer & data analyst, 

Rabbi E. Eze.

Wix Editor

Line: +37064181214

IG: @iraynetworking2020

Head Office :Lekki Lagos Nig.