The i-Ray Group is a mother company of i-ray networking (Freelancers hub), i-ray Autos za, Lagosvid, Kuluwe (connecting people) and afrikos maistas.(online African Food store in baltic region.) 


We are a Group of IT Freelancers i.e Professional Person, building this firm (Network)  through innovation and functional data available for the next generation to depend on. Our program drives motives, fresh ideas and builds Freelancers, to achieve more than expected in this beautiful, wonderful innovative world full of raw data.


We merchant softwares, promote ideas and help build Affiliation programs to support our generation to build smarter and faster innovations.


i-ray networking serve as information opportunities for SMEs. Our purpose is to change the way we do businesses, how we hunt for information and understand innovation.

We have existed since 2009 on research developments, searching through different worlds and locations. We are grown locally to participate in the changing trend of today's technology.​


This project targets Provision of FREE Wifi within crowded places to increase availability of information. 


​I-Ray Group doesn't believe information is the power. We believe information engineering is the real power, so we want to create a better society with our ability to affect every kind of business/person profitably, through information technology like Job Creation and many more.


​We have a high research development and innovation policy for all of our associates to be independent just as the i-ray networking is independent under the I-Ray group.


The I-Ray group is an R&D-I, ICT, Data Banking basis, built to create a corporate social platform. 


We support our communities with our free workshop to young adults, empower our community on innovative events, and assist in building a smart society is our most desirable vision to increase charitable giving. People are dying for lack of information which they can find on google or you-tube, the internet is life.


We will be delighted to have you support our vision on the icon below. You can give towards providing free internet connection by making it easier.

for donation anywhere you are around world.Help us to offer this dream service.


​Effective and Efficient delivery is our key strength.

You are welcome to join our dream to help lift one another out of poverty in Africa. 

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Vision: We are Building a Free wifi Network within Africa to power innovation.