Talent Empowerment Project.

We build carriers and have a great tie with studying abroad projects. We assisted more than 20 Africans within Nigeria in 2019-2020 to gain admission into different universities and colleges within the united stated, Europe, the united kingdom, we serve as a mouth pies of the general public when it comes to our obligation. We partnership with Sam love consultancy to make these projects a success.

Sam love, consultancy is a project created to uplift the next generation from lack of adequate information. We believe information is power. We all become whomever we are with the amount of information we have as an individual or organization. i- Ray provides a variety of resources for international students preparing to pursue their higher education in another country, helping people and organizations make decisions about the most popular destinations for students from around the world, and hosting some of the world's top 100 universities.
Students studying under Sammy ray enjoy not only top-notch academics, professional faculty, and the best facilities for research to become relevant after studying. Sammy ray is a co-partner if the i-ray group founded in 2009, Sammy ray helps the community to explore with low capital and investment abroad.
We are online and able to answer any questions you may have. We are challenging ourselves to overcome the barriers of information.
We have universities that are internationally recognized and known worldwide for the excellence of their production. Students who study with our company will take advantage of studying in globally recognized educational institutions when they are searching for employment opportunities. We do not charge for consulting fees.
We offer Job opportunities are greater after training. Sammy ray is here to create an intellectual culture with the same dream of i-ray networking.

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What we do ?

At I-Ray networking we serve as your one bridge gap where your daily technological challenges or I.T problems are turned into solutions. 


We handle all kinds of online audience like UI designs for iOS, Android, or Harmony OS. 


We sell softwares and Internet securities protection advice for commercial users. 


We give broad insight about using Data to generate solutions. 


We simplify information for Nigerians to understand the Global changes on what Freelancing business is and the Power of social Media.


i-Ray are a Member of Konga Affiliate Marketing team and many more on our Partner page. 


We develop New Market for Small businesses in Africa for Enquires about us contact us .


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F-5, osapa London, Lekki Penninsula II, Lagos State 105-102.

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