SM(IG) Engineering Project.

The light of Snap chat Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, we focus on our community which is Nigerian Market.(
Our project on social networking is made easy with our team.
We manage all of the media networks like staffing,executing daily activities successfully and create promotional benefits to prospects or customers.

How we deliver is simple
-Integrated content planning: i-ray networking Line up the marketing efforts with the brand under one year.
In Post, plan, and enhance material, or repurpose the Web Pool's best material properties.
- One inbox for all your engagement: The inbox is all about performance, and the strongest possible rundown. Messages are marked based on interest, feeling, and other factors, which may lead to users or teams.
Priority inbox & profile cards Sentiment & spam detection Helpdesk integration
-Monitoring reputation and brand reach: we manage your client awareness, and calculate the platform effect of your promotional promotions. Find and track what the chatter around the businesses, rivals, and influencers is Custom question and track designer Influencer scoring functions Warning and response
Schedule & Preparation apps Clearance movements of user properties
-Calculate KPIs and Dedication.
Measure the contribution, the development of viewers, and the success of advertising through networks. Showcase your actions, and show your social ROI in reports that are simple to produce.
Browser URLs to monitor conveniently Free User Reports
Improve Community ROI.

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