Investing in the future.

We are building a network where people can find Information technology solutions through us as fast as a ray of light. We focus on solving daily I.T challenges in our business world to grow our SMEs and our society through this network, achieving career goals

We are offering free access to online consultations for small companies SMEs within our reach. I-ray networking wants to make our generation live smartly, happier, confident like our dreams.

We are a data-oriented company. The i-Ray group is a mother company of i-ray networking. We are a pull of knowledge of primary, innovative and functional data bank for the next generation to depend on Programmed to drive motives, intentions, and build on, to achieve more than expected in this beautiful, wonderful innovative world fully. 


i-Ray networking creates job opportunities for all I.T Freelancers in Lagos state we are innovation-driven, investing in the future, and creating a better society together.


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"We help SMEs to work from home Easier by providing the right supply.

We provide you with all sorts of support through the use of information technology. We connect you with the right Freelancer if we have to"

Few information you might need to know about us .

  • We are here to connect Freelancers by building a work centre where people can walk in and work with their computers or devices—using our Network.

  • We are comfortable to convey your business online free installation services . we want to connect every business toward success and innovation. 

  • We offer one time services like Software sales and Freelancer service to grow your Businesses..

  • I-ray networking offers Free Data service, we empower our communities like the free workshop to young adults, empower our community on innovative Events.

  • We are increasing charitable giving towards providing free internet connection by making it easier for donation anywhere you are around worldwide,

  • We offer Free wix UI designs and Free services on all the tools our freelancing page.

  • We Advise business owners on the kind of innovation to adapt. The internet is the new biggest shopping centre. 

  • We build a long term relationship with clients thats why we earn by montly instalment payment plan that suits our customers.

  •  We build systems for online payments with all kinds of prepared cards online and gift cards, knowing the type of society we are from. 


Mission Statement : We are Building a Network, Where People can find information through us as easy as possible to help SMEs increase productivity using innovative tools and through sustainability.

To support our vision